Ethical Beef | Cuts of meat
Ethical Beef | Cuts of meat

There are endless options when processing beef. To make it a little easier, we have identified the most popular choices, and have made them the default options for your order. In the table below, we’ve detailed processing options for a whole animal, including how you might cook each cut of meat, and how much weight might be in each cut.


T-Bone Grill, pan fry or BBQ
  • Sirloin (also known as Porterhouse) instead of T-Bone. This is the same cut as T-Bone but with the bone removed
  • Both T-Bone and Sirloin
  • More mince or diced steak
Approximately 4kg to 6kg of T-Bone / Sirloin each
Rump Steak great for grilling or pan frying. Roast good for oven baking or slow cooking
  • Rump Roast
  • More mince or diced steak
Approximately 3.6kg to 5kg each
Rib Fillet (also known as Scotch Fillet) Excellent steak for grilling or pan frying, or a great roast for oven baking
  • Rib Roast
  • More mince or diced steak
Approximately 3kg to 5kg of Rib Fillet each
Eye Fillet (sometimes just called ‘Fillet’ steak) Excellent for grilling/frying
  • More mince or diced steak (but we don’t recommend it!)
Approximately 1kg to 3kg each
BBQ (Round Steak tenderised for the BBQ) As the name suggests, ideal for the BBQ
  • More mince or diced steak
Approximately 1.8kg to 3kg each
Y-Bone / Oyster Blade Can grill or pan fry, but does better cooked slowly or tenderised
  • Oyster Blade (the same as Y-Bone, but with the bone removed)
  • More mince or diced steak (which is what we prefer for our family)
Approximately 2kg to 3kg each
Topside Roast Cook slowly (oven bake or slow cook)
  • Topside Steak (can be tough. Must not be grilled / fried)
  • More mince or diced steak
Approximately 2 1.5kg Roasts each
Blade Roast Blade must be cooked slowly. A moist cook will make it more tender
  • Blade Steak (can be tough, must not be grilled/fried)
  • More mince or diced steak
Approximately 1 1.5kg Roast each
Rolled Beef Roast Cook in a slow cooker, or you can oven-bake it
  • More plain sausages
Approximately 4 1.5kg Roasts each
Corned Brisket Boiled or prepared in a slow cooker
  • Uncorned (unsalted) Brisket
  • More plain sausages        
Approximately 4 1.5kg Briskets each
Corned Silverside Moist cook – Boil or slow cooker
  • Uncorned (unsalted) Silverside
  • More plain sausages
Approximately 5 1.5kg Silversides each
Topside Stirfry Strips
  • More mince or diced steak
Approximately 1.5kg to 2kg each
Premium Mince (85% visibly lean meat)
  • Extra Lean Mince (95% visibly lean meat)
Approximately 11kg to 16kg Premium Mince each (less if you choose Extra Lean)
Bush Tomato & Mountain Pepper Gourmet Sausages Smokey Bacon &Maple Gourmet Sausages Other flavours:
  • Honey Beef
  • Parmesan, Black Pepper and Spinach
  • Sweet Chilli & Red Pepper (not recommended for children) 
  • More plain sausages
  • More Mince
Approximately 11kg Gourmet Sausages each
  • More mince or more plain sausages
Approximately 2kg to 3kg each
Plain Sausages
  • More mince
Approximately 5kg to 7kg each
Diced Steak Moist cook (boil or use slow cooker)
  • More mince
  • More plain sausages
Approximately 6kg to 9kg each
Gravy Beef Moist cook (boil or use slow cooker)
  • Osso Bucco
  • More diced steak
  • More mince or plain sausages           
Approximately 2kg to 3kg each
  • Donate to local charity
Approximately 20kg each
Pet Mince
  • Receive offal separately
  • Donate offal to Wildlife Preservation Society of Queensland
Approximately 11kg to 15kg each

³ NOTE – all weights are approximate. It will depend on the size and body type of the individual animal. Note that for some roasts, there are only one or two to share per side, so all roasts will be shared as evenly as possible between all friends

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