Boora Mugga Beef | Customer Service
Boora Mugga Beef | Customer Service

:: 1. How do your prices compare to the Supermarket?

We have compared the cost of one of our steers to the price of average-range meat at the Supermarket, and have found that our meat is almost 30% cheaper (you’re saving around $3/kg on average). The carcass weight of our steer was 248kg. At $7.25/kg, the total cost of this meat was $1858 saving a total of $742 (including our fee for packaging on trays, and free delivery). Below is the weight of each cut of meat, and the Supermarket price of average-range cuts:

 (Current Feb 2012)
4.78kg BBQ Round Steak $14.50 $69.31
4.61kg Stirfry Strips $14.91 $68.74
5.7kg Blade Roasts $11.99 $68.34
15.3kg Corned Briskets $8.93 $136.63
17.92kg Corned Silversides $6.95 $124.54
5.64 kg Diced steak $14.92 $84.15
3.06kg Eye Fillet $39.99 $122.37
31.37kg Premium Mince $12.00 $376.44
5.85kg Oyster Blade $13.00 $76.05
30.68kg Pet Mince $6.30 $193.28
7.73kg Rib (Scotch) Fillet $26.11 $201.83
13.01kg Rolled Beef Roasts $8.93 $116.18
8.61kg Rump Steak $19.00 $163.59
9.04kg Sirloin Steak $24.08 $217.68
6.8kg Steakettes $9.00 $61.20
5.55kg Topside Roasts $11.99 $66.54
23.53kg Gourmet Sausages $13.00 $305.89
6.58kg Plain Sausages $8.93 $58.76
19.8kg Bones $4.50 $89.10
Total $2600.32

:: 2. How is the weight decided?

Like most others who sell bulk meat, we charge on the basis of the carcass weight. This includes all the bone and fat.

:: 3. How much meat is in a Quarter or Half?

It depends on the size of the animal, but on average, there should be around 50-75kg in a quarter, and 100-150kg in a half. This is the carcass weight which includes the bone and fat

:: 4. How much does a Quarter or Half cost?

Again, it depends on size.The price of beef is at a record high at the moment. On average, it should cost from $580 for a quarter, and  $1100 for a half. This is the cost for bulk packaging (you will need to split it into meal-sized packets before freezing). If you would like it separated onto trays, this will cost an additional $49.50 per quarter. Alternatively you could have it vacuum sealed in meal sized portions (great for resisting freezer burn) for an additional $99 per quarter.

:: 5. How big a freezer will I need?

We recommend at least 1.5 litres of free space in a chest freezer (more for upright & remember you’ll probably have other things in your freezer) per kilogram of meat (e.g around 110L for a quarter)

:: 6. What could I get in a Half*?

  • 4 to 6kg T-Bone or Sirloin Steak
  • 3 to 6.5kg Rump Steak
  • 3 to 5kg Rib Fillet
  • 1 to 3kg Eye Fillet
  • 2 to 3kg Y-Bone
  • 2 Topside Roasts
  • 1 Blade Roast
  • 4 Rolled Beef Roasts
  • 4 Corned Briskets
  • 5 Corned Silversides
  • 6 to 9kg Diced Steak
  • 1.5 to 2kg Stirfry Strips
  • 11 to 16kg Premium Mince
  • 2 to 3kg Steakettes
  • 5 to 6.5kg Plain Sausages
  • 10 to 12kg Gourmet Sausages
  • 14 to 20kg Soup & Dog Bones
  • 11 to 15kg Pet Mince (or offal)

:: 7. Is the Meat Organic?

No. Weed control is very difficult in our very fertile soils. We do use agricultural chemicals to spray our weeds. We also vaccinate our cattle against common diseases. We would prefer to cause them this small amount of stress during vaccination, than to see them suffer some of the effects of these diseases.

:: 8. Where is the meat butchered?

We use a small local butcher in Oakey called Hamlyn's Modern Meats. The meat is butchered to meet all health regulations which are required of any butcher. Tony and Sandra James are the proprietors and are very accommodating should you have any special requests.

We also have a butcher in the Northern Rivers.

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