About Us | How It Works
About Us | How It Works
Boora Mugga Beef allows you to purchase anything between a quarter and a whole animal. By sharing with friends, you can buy smaller amounts at the discounted price of a bulk buy. It is fully processed and packaged to your specifications. The meat can be packed in meal-sized portions on trays or in vacuum sealed plastic which will last for up to a year in your freezer.

Step 1
Choose your beef. If you would like, you can visit us to view our cattle, and make your selection (provided the other half has not already been sold).

Step 2
Decide whether you’d like to share your beef with friends. You can either order for yourself, or by sharing with friends, you can buy a larger total amount, which brings the price per kg down. Our website helps with the sharing. You can download forms to send to your friends to find out how they would like their beef processed.

Step 3
Complete your order online at www.booramuggabeef.com.au. Here you can choose exactly how you would like your beef to be processed and shared.

Step 4
Pay a small deposit.

Step 5
When we know how much the carcass weighs, we will contact you to arrange for payment of the balance, and to organise a time for pick up or delivery. We will deliver to within 3 hours drive of Lismore.
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