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Boora Mugga Beef is produced by Garry and Wendy Pannach at Rappville in the Northern Rivers of New South Wales.

Garry and Wendy moved to Northern NSW in 2012. The business actually originated near Mount Tyson, 45km west of Toowoomba in Queensland. “Boora Mugga” was a railway station on the Oakey/Cecil Plains line near Mount Tyson. The words are said to mean ‘good land’ in the local Indigenous language, and they describe very well the fertile and picturesque land in the area.

Garry has worked with cattle all his life and is a fourth generation Australian farmer. Garry does most of the hands-on farming. Wendy does all the behind-the-scenes business planning, marketing and management of the business.

Garry and Wendy have three children who love spending time on the farm: Isabelle (10); Harrison (8); and Amelia (5).

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